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Starting Over

A few years ago I started a blog that I planned to use for personal writing. Then, inspired by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I decided to run for office — county commissioner, to be exact.

When I started campaigning, I had second thoughts about sharing some of the more intimate details of my family’s life on the internet. That was probably a good call since in the course of the campaign there were some not-so-nice things said about me (no surprise there). But at least, I reasoned, I had shielded my children and husband from potentially cruel treatment.

I lost that campaign by a pretty big margin. It was 2009, and the results of that night were a harbinger of the 2010 congressional elections nationwide. Democratic turnout was abysmal. The only Democrats who survived the evening were those that were fortunate enough to have Allentown (and its 3-1 registration advantage) in their district.

Since losing the campaign, I’ve started tweeting a lot about my life and my family. But as much as I love Twitter (and I do, oh so very very much), I wanted a place to permanently put longer thoughts.

So, I tell you all of this as a way of explaining that I’ve decided to return to personal blogging (and that I have no plans or desires to run for office again).  Because I’ve somehow lost the ability to log in to my old blog, I’m starting with a fresh sheet of paper here.


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This entry was posted on January 2, 2012 by in sticky.


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