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How Do We Do It All?

My mom often shakes her head in wonder at the level of activity in our house. It’s funny, because I always think “Are the kids getting enough intellectual stimulation? Are we having enough fun? Why don’t they want to take music lessons? I wish we were more physically active.”

But I guess this week was a pretty typical, and as I look back I do have to ask, “How do we do it all?”

Monday, Brandon and the boys walked to the library,  a weekly treat in our house since Miles was a pre-schooler. They came home loaded down with the usual zillions of books, a few Wii games, some DVDs (And Stephen Fry’s memoir for me!). The Bethlehem Public Library is like a second home for our family. The librarians all know the kids by name, and when they don’t have something, they’ll often purchase it just on Miles’s recommendation (he must be their most prolific reader).

Tuesday, the boys went to a friend’s house after school. I went into New York and met a friend whom I’ve only known online. Brandon calls my blog/Twitter friends my “imaginary friends,” though at this point it’s in jest since he has met several and realizes you are all quite real.  Somehow all of my blog friends became Facebook friends and now I have trouble telling who came from where.

But Jenny came from Offsprung, I’m sure of it. And she’s fantastic. A newly minted theatre professor who lives out west, she was in the city to do research and take in shows. I eagerly inserted myself into her schedule. She picked up front row rush tickets to Clybourne Park, which had only nights before won the Tony for best play. The play was a Rohrschach Test on race for the audience, and I often found myself crying while others laughed, which was highly disconcerting. Sarah-Jane Stratford’s essay in Salon is a fairly accurate depiction of my emotions and what I took away from the piece, which was beautifully acted. The writing was tight; the time flew despite the fact that each act took place in a single room and lasted an hour.

After a harrowing drive home in torrential rain, I got a few hours of sleep and another day of work and school soon started. The boys and I were on our own Wednesday night as Brandon headed to Lancaster to purchase a Fender fretless bass that was such a bargain, I couldn’t put my foot down about the expense. Happy Father’s Day, babe.

The kids and I took a stroll downtown after dinner to stretch our legs. I love walking with the boys, the conversations always range from the silly to the serious. It’s a great way to relax and transition into the quieter part of the evening.

Thursday was the last day of school. It was a half day, so I picked Miles and Eli and their friend from the bus stop and the three kids hung out for the afternoon. Then we headed to the Iron Pigs game. The Pigs are the Phillies’ AAA minor league affiliate, and the games are usually great fun. Unfortunately, they were completely clobbered by the Durham Bulls AND they ran out of the awesome giveaway hats just before I arrived. When you factor in that I’m dieting and so I skipped the usual beer and porker nachos, it was not my most favorite evening at the ballpark ever. Still, even a bad night at a baseball game beats a good night  at…oh never mind. It kind of sucked.

Today…I worked, Brandon was off with the boys. The kids slept until 11am, a special privilege on the first day of summer vacation. The three of them went miniature golfing while I was at the office. When I got home, Brandon left for band practice/recording. Miles didn’t want to join Eli and me for a live concert at Arts Quest’s Levitt Pavilion, so we left him at home.

Eli and I grabbed a blanket and soaked in the atmosphere and free music from Miracles of Modern Science while enjoying Mike & Ikes (him) and a Yuengling Light Lager (me). Eli is a great date, and he still snuggles his dear old Ma, even at the advanced age of nine.

You know, add in work, school, tending the garden (update post coming), feeding everyone, caring for the cats, doing laundry, running, and yes, I guess our little family stays busy during an average week. How do we do it all?

Here’s to the weekend!


2 comments on “How Do We Do It All?

  1. silaghwhite
    June 17, 2012

    I wonder what our moms worried about when we were kids….. I hope to goodness they can’t remember. Because that would mean, we won’t remember these silly self-imposed pressures when we are enjoying our grandchildren.

  2. hgkwiatek
    June 18, 2012

    My mom says she didn’t think about any of this. Once she was visiting while Miles was working on his science fair project. I was supporting him, helping him with setting up the Power Point and such, though he had done all the work. She turned to me and said, “Gosh, I never did any of this kind of thing with you guys.”

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